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Almost 20 years ago, my sister Marcia had what was then a revolutionary idea: sell dog supplies on this newfangled thing called the 'Worldwide Web'. And from that time forward, she did just that. Well, in June of 2017 she decided to retire, and now her younger sister (that's me) has picked up the baton and is carrying on the tradition. Marcia lives in Texas and our family lives in Hew Hampshire, but through the miracle of cyberspace, you can come to the very same place to get all your favorite dog products, along with lots of new items and cat supplies, too!

Personal Service & Quality





Marcia Vallee, owner, with Bandit

Years ago, I helped Marcia refurbish her website,

working on images and building the product database.

I also drew a few logo ideas, one of which graced

the masthead for a long time, the one to the

right here. So taking on the website seemed

natural. We run things from our home in

the village of Plainfield NH. Our three

children (in the image below) are grown

now. One lives in Australia, one lives in Boston and one

lives with us while he works and attends college.

But back to Marcia for a moment. She has always loved dogs, and began conducting training classes in the 1980's. Through the years she has had many canine companions. 'Bandit' and 'Lady' were the first, then 'Lily' came along, all Papillons. For many years she fostered dogs, and volunteered with DAWGS, a training program that connects inmates with dogs, and with local shelters. A few years ago she adopted 'Colin', a terrier mix, and 'Penny', a sweet and adorable chiweenie. Colin has passed on, and Penny remains a constant companion in Marcia's retirement.

In our family, we're Schnauzer

lovers. We started by adopting an

older Schnauzer, whom we

renamed 'Kiwi'. Then, naturally

enough, 'Mango' came along.

We were fresh out of good fruit names by then, so 'Piper' was next, and then we adopted three-year-old 'Oliver'-- who is trouble looking for a place to happen. Kiwi and Piper have passed on, and Mango is a senior citizen now. He finds Oliver to be a little annoying, but he does condescend to play and chase when he's in the mood. And of course they establish who is Top Dog on a daily basis by taking turns marking the same poor shrub.

Marcia and Colin

Marcia,  Colin & Penny

Marcia & Colin

So why paw through piles of pet products, looking for the top dog supplies out there? We've done the legwork for you, and have gathered a great selection of the very best products, right here.
Some might call us a 'boutique' business. And that makes sense, because we don't offer an endless supply of products of varying quality. From our vantage point, quantity is no substitute for quality. So we scour the web for the best products available, viewing blogs, competitor sites, independent reviews, videos, and customer feedback. We then offer a carefully curated selection of only those items that meet our requirements for quality and value. We also look for unique items from other small and boutique businesses, here and in Europe, and we hope you'll give some of those items a try.

From Marcia's original masthead

So that's our story. We feel honored to be carrying on where Marcia left off, and we hope to continue offering the same quality products and service that Marcia's customers enjoyed for almost 20 years. We welcome suggestions as we strive to make Top Dog Supplies among the very best dog supply resources on the web.

Now stop reading, and get shopping!   : )

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