It's hard to find an outdoor automatic hose waterer with nothing but glowing reports and five stars—they all have their drawbacks. Bergan's Auto-Wata comes about the closest, while still coming in at a nice price point.  It provides a fresh water supply for your dog or cat while at home or away. Easily connects to a garden hose and refills automatically. Can be mounted to a patio, fence, or other structure. Made of crack-resistant, high-density, UV-protected polypropylene. The benefit of using a plastic product is that the water does not heat up in the sun, as it would in a stainless or galvanized bowl. The integrated reservoir holds up to 1 qt. and the bowl holds 1 qt., for a total capacity of 1/2 gallon .at any given time.


We saw a few complaints about leaking at the hose connection, but advocates advise that if properly twisted together, there should be no leaking, so pay attention to that part to avoid headaches. Overall, a fine product for the outdoor pet!


SKU: 16A1