Mendota's sporty braided dog coupler is ideal for walking two dogs at one time without ending up on the ground with two leashes wrapped around your knees and two dogs standing on your chest. It ain't pretty--trust us, we know.


Use with Mendota's coordinating braided snap leash by clipping it to the center ring of the coupler. The longer length gives your dogs extra elbow room while keeping them under control. Handmade in the US with the same durable long-lasting multi-filament polypropylene rope, and two solid brass swivel bolt snaps and center ring, making this coupler the best of the best. Brass fittings are non-corrosive. You and your dogs will look great walking down the street, and you'll stay on your feet!


We offer two sizes:  9/16" x 24 inches long for smaller breeds, and 1" x 28 inches long for larger breeds.


Available in seven vibrant colors.