This extremely sturdy dog toy is used and recommended by trainers across the US, in zoos and big cat rescues--so you know it's sturdy enough for your rough and tumble dog!  Ideal for chasing, jumping, catching and pulling, and great fun especially for prey-driven dogs. Designed for dog/person interaction, it's made with a 30"-long patented flexi-neck wand and a 36"-long extra-strong solid braid rope, allowing any weight and size dog to pull hard on it. Washable, removable faux sheepskin end has a reinforced squeaker inside. Squeaker can be replaced separately as it wears down--we carry them here. Colors may vary. Made In the US for Outward Hound.


Tested with actual adult tigers, lions and leopards. (Oh, and dogs, too!)


Watch the Chase 'n Pull in Action, with Dogs and . . . Cheetahs??


Always supervise your dog's use of toys.




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