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Broaden your fave feline's horizons safely with PetSafe's 'Come with Me Kitty' harness & bungee leash. The bungee leash measures 3 ft. scrunched up and up to 5 ft. stretched out, flexing with your cat's movement. When your cat pulls against the leash, it tightens across the harness shoulder straps, rather than putting pressure on the delicate throat area, preventing your cat from choking or escaping. The adjustable harness creates a custom fit for your cat and dual adjustment points give a snug, safe fit. Sturdy nylon straps are 3/8" wide.


Available Color Combinations

Lilac/Deep Purple

Dusty Rose/Burgundy


Royal Blue/Navy


Available Sizes

Small: 9" - 11" girth

Medium: 10.5" - 14" girth

Large: 13" - 18" girth


To measure girth, use a cloth measuring tape or string to measure around your cat's chest, just behind the front legs. Measure for a snug fit, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. If using string, hold it up to a ruler or yardstick to determine length after measuring.

    PetSafe Brand is an industry-leading US manufacturer of pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year. We love this brand.


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