The Simple Solution brand has been around for a long time, and we like their products for their effectiveness, quality, and reasonable price. This washable training pad is great to keep on hand for multiple uses. Designed primarily for training and housebreaking your dog, it's a far cheaper option than disposable pads for those who plan long-term indoor pad use, and don't mind dealing with, shall we say, their dog's 'by-products' during the washing process.


But it's also great for travel, used as a protective cover in your vehicle. Environmentally friendly--machine washable for easy cleaning and repeated use--guaranteed for 300 washes! Holds ten times more liquid than standard disposable training pads. The absorbent core quickly draws in moisture to prevent tracking and to control odor, while the leak-proof backing protects floors, furniture, or vehicle. Can also be used as a crate or kennel liner, litter box mat, food and water bowl placement, or as a post-surgery under-pad for an immobile dog. Size is a generous 30 x 32".


Here is a quick peek at the pad out of the package, with some great propaganda by a Simple Solution rep! (haha)



SKU: K-B11442