The tree-branch motif Arbor raised double diner will fit in with any home decor, while feeding your dog in style. Simple, elegant, back-to-basics design in black wrought iron is modern and elegant. Non-skid plastic tips on the legs keep the feeder in place. Generously-sized detachable bowls lift out for easy washing--just pop them in the dishwasher.


Elevated dog bowls allow your dog to eat without crouching down in an uncomfortable posture, and are great for relieving back and neck pain due to arthritis or other health issues. They also aid in reducing gas, because your pet is able to eat in a natural position. And who doesn't want to cut back on the that awul smell whever possible?


We offer three sizes

    Small  13  x 6"  x  5" High   1-Quart Bowls

Medium  17  x 8"  x  7" High   2-Quart Bowls

    Large  20  x 9" x 12" High   3-Quart Bowls




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