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Watch Mendota's video above for more detailed info on measuring for a collar. This video also gives a good overview of the various styles and products that Mendota makes, and how to use them.


This is Mendota's signature double-braid collar, featuring satin nickel fittings, and in its own range of bright colors. Made of waterproof, colorfast multifilament polypropylene that is double-stitched for extra durability. Because the prong piece of the buckle can be pushed into the webbing anywhere along the length of the collar, sizing can be fine-tuned for your dog. Quality is first-rate! Available in three sizes and a huge array of colors. Note that the Blue & White and Black & White styles are reflective--great for night walks! The webbing is 1" wide on this collar.


Mendota offers dog owners, trainers, and handlers the finest accessories available at a reasonable price. Handcrafted in the U.S. using only the finest materials, ensuring premium performance.


Available Colors

Red, Blue, Black, Raspberry, Sky Blue, Purple, Teal, Lime, Orange, Pink, Brown, Olive, Sand, Black & White Reflective, and Blue & White Reflective


Available Sizes

18-inch Length - Neck Size 16-20 Inches

21-inch Length - Neck Size 19-23 Inches

24-inch Length - Neck Size 22-26 Inches


Before making a final decision on size, please take a moment to measure your dog's neck and then use the resources below to help you decide which size to buy. This will help prevent exchanges, which just wreck everyone's day!  : )


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