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Tuff Balls are industrial strength tennis balls, made with extra-thick natural rubber walls, for durability and extra bounce. This ball is 4 inches in diameter, and is meant for larger dogs, 50 lbs. and up. Non-abrasive felt won't wear down dog's teeth like regular tennis balls. Tuff Balls are non-toxic - no chemicals are added for bounce, like regular tennis balls. Will not stain carpets like some tennis balls will, when wet. Crafted in the USA.


Price is for a single ball.


*Be sure to order a size that is too large for your dog to get all the way inside his mouth, to prevent possible airway obstruction. Too big is better than too small!


NOTE: Tuff Balls are intended for fetch and other interactive games with your dog. Any hollow tennis ball will be destroyed by an agressive chewer, and small pieces may pose a choking hazard. Enjoy using these balls when playing with your dog, and put them away when not in use. Then get out the Kong for a chew party. (By the way, we have those!)


SKU: L-PS70014
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