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Mammoth's Flossy Rope toys are the perfect tough toy for dogs who love to fetch and chew. These rope toys are great for tossing and catching during interactive play, or as a durable chew toy for solo play time. Made from premium 100% North American cotton or cotton-poly yarns, and finished with sturdy knots. Naturally supports oral health.


Mammoth Pet Products has been a leading innovator and manufacturer of premium dog toys for all breeds and sizes since 1995.


Flossy ropes come in a variety of colors and our supplier will choose the color.


We offer four types of rope toy

Cotton-poly Monkey Fist Bar - 18-inch length

100% Cotton Three-knot Rope -  20-in., 25-in., and 36-in. length

100% Cotton Four-knot Rope -  22-in. and 27-in. length

100% Cotton Five-knot Rope - 3-ft. and 6-ft. length



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