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Check out the Fuzzu company's philosophy, and history and catch a glimpse of Fuzzu toys in action, in the video above!


We love the creativity and philosophy behind Fuzzu toys! Fuzzu Pignatius and Hopper dog toys are a wonderful gift for your four-legged friend. This funny dog toy is made of durable, high-quality polyester and bound by strapping-strong trim, giving it extra strength. It features a powerful squeaker and lots of crackly-crunch inside that will capture your dog's attention and keep it, in fact Fuzzu toys get high marks with owners for how well they keep a dog's attention, and how well they stand up to chewing. A power chewer will finish one of these off in a month or two, and an average chewer might keep it for 6-7 months. Not bad in the world of cloth toys, which are always destined to be destroyed in the end.


We offer the Pinatius and Hopper toys.


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