There are lots of training pads out there, so we tried to balance good reviews with decent price, based on what we have available to us. This brand gets high marks as a superior training pad at a reasonable price. Great for puppies that are house-training or older dogs with incontinence problems. Absorbent, disposable pads simplify the housebreaking process. Also, many owners use these when it's too cold outside to persuade their furbaby to get out there and make some yellow snow.  Pad Size: 24" x 24"


  • Super Absorbent Polymer Turns Liquid into Gel
  • Absorbs more than 100 Times Its Volume
  • Scented to Attract Your Dog
  • Protects Rugs & Floors with Leak-Proof Plastic Lining & Sealed Edges
  • Anti-Bacterial with Odor Eliminators
  • Absolutely the MOST Absorbent Pad Available!


You might like to pair these with Simple Solution's training pad holder. This creates a barrier around the edge of the pad to prevent leaks when your dog lets loose near the edge of the pad. It also helps keep the pad in place, and may help prevent chewing and shredding by your dog, in a moment of poor judgment.