You'll appreciate the value of this flat leather lead. Nice quality, supple, single-ply leather in a rich saddle-brown. This is a 'medium-duty' lead, rather than a 'heavy-duty-will-stand-up-to-anything' lead. These are made to last, however, with solid brass swivel bolt snap and sturdy 3/16"-thick leather construction in a 6-ft. length.


The hardware on this lead has a less polished 'rustic' look that I personally prefer. I guess you could say that the lead looks 'already broken in', just like jeans that are pre-washed and distressed when you buy them. If you want superior appearance and good, stiff leather, have a look at the premium and padded leads.


Be sure to have a look at the matching collar— a leather collar/lead set at a reasonable price! Reviews show buyers are pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price, and we agree.


We offer four widths in this 6-ft. lead:  5/8-inch,  3/4-inch,  1 inch, and 1 1/4 inch.