These high-quality 20-gauge stainless steel bowls are strong and stand up to heavy use. They are built to last: rust, tarnish and corrosion resistant, and the smooth surface won't absorb odors or stains, and won't harbor bacteria, as plastic bowls can. They are heavy and stable enough that they don't tip easily. Dishwasher safe.  Great for a variety of uses, and at this price you can pick up a bunch to have on-hand. Hunters use them in the field for multiple dogs, because bowls tend to get lost, and these are cheap to replace. Or keep several on hand to swap out while some are in the dishwasher.


We offer four sizes

   1/2 Pint (1 cup)

      1 Pint (2 cups)

   1 Quart (4 cups)

  48 fl. oz. (6 cups)

  72 fl. oz. (9 cups)

128 fl. oz. (1 gallon)