Petsport's Tuff Ball Fling Thing is two dog toys in one! Each Fling Thing features a super durable Tuff Ball and solid core rope, making it easy to fling it crazy distances or play tug-of-war, or both on a busy day! It also floats, so water-loving dogs don't miss out on the fun. And the attached rope means no more touching slobbery tennis balls.


Petsport Tuff Balls are thick, durable balls made with extra-strength tennis ball material, designed for your dog's long-term enjoyment and safety. Remember, though, that this is not intended as a chew toy. It's meant for interactive play with your dog, and when you're done, put it away and bring out a chew toy.

The Fling Thing comes in red or blue, and our supplier will choose the color for you.


We offer two sizes

Medium, with 2.5-inch ball for small to medium dogs

Large, with 4-inch ball for larger dogs


Be sure to choose a ball that's big enough that it doesn't fit all the way into your dog's mouth and pose a choking hazard. Always supervise your dog's use of toys.