The Kong® Flyer disc is made with Kong's exclusive, durable natural rubber and is the world's best flexible rubber flying disc. Accurate flight and soft catch make the Kong Flyer Disc perfect for a game of catch or fetch. The Kong Flyer is a fun flying exercise toy for you and your dog. Easy on your dog's teeth and gums, and great exercise at the same time. Kong Flying Discs are proudly made in the USA by people who know and love dogs. Kong's performance and durability is legendary.


If you have a larger dog, you might want to try Kong's Extreme Flyer. The Extreme Flyer is built for fetching. It's made of Kong's extra-durable Extreme rubber which allows for a forgiving catch, plus the material delivers a dynamic rebound just in case your dog misses the initial toss. And this strong rubber stands up to the rigorous demands of even the most enthusiastic dog while playing. Let your dog’s love of fetch take flight with a safer disc that delivers tons of healthy activity. An easy toss sends it flying crazy distances - perfect for giving your dog a fun, wild workout!


Both discs can be rolled or folded for easy portability.


Kong Discs should be used as a retrieval toy only -- they will not stand up to concentrated chewing over a period of time, and should not be used as a tug or chew toy.


We offer these sizes

Red flyer:  Small, 6.5" diameter  and  regular, 9" diameter

Black Extreme Flyer: Large  9.5" diameter


Always supervise your dog's use of toys.