Have a look at the video above to see the many functions of the Halti training lead.


The Halti® training lead is a multi-function lead designed to control, guide, and tether a dog in everyday situations, providing a single solution for multiple training issues. Eight different uses make it the go-to lead when training or walking your dog. Using the floating rings, the lead can be converted into a short lead for everyday walks, a medium lead for obedience training, or can be left as a long lead for recall work. The double-ended design, with a bolt snap at each end, also allows for walking two dogs on the same lead. Can be used with any collar, head collar or harness, and can also be used to double steer a dog who might need to be shown who's boss! Quality nickel-plated fittings and bolt snaps. Lead is made of padded nylon webbing for extra comfort, and is 6 ft. long. Comes with complete instructions.


We offer two sizes:   Small, 3/4" Wide    Large, 1" Wide

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