Your dog will LOVE this healthy alternative to bones and rawhide chews, made from all-natural and wholesome milk of the free-range yaks and cows of the Himalayan Plateau. The long-lasting, gourmet Himalayan Cheesy Chew promotes good dental hygiene and is naturally high in protein. It's also wheat, gluten, and preservative free, made with milk, lime, and salt, and nothing more.


They're a little pricey, yes, but your dog will love the palatability of this organic, long-lasting treat! This is not a 20-minute chew for most dogs--for our Schnauzers, Mango and Oliver, they last a couple of months, so you'll get a lot of bang for your buck. It's a more challenging chew, so if your dog has a soft mouth or prefers chewy treats, you might make another choice.


Inspected and packed in the USA.

Long lasting, digestible, non-staining

100% natural & organic

Gluten-free, grain-free

Free of hormones or antibiotics


Yak & cow milk, lime, and salt.


Once the chew becomes small enough to pose a hazard, you can turn it into popcorn for your dog--see the video above!


We offer four sizes:

Small  Dogs under 15 lbs (2-4 pieces) 3.5 oz.

Medium   Dogs under 35 lbs (single piece) 2.6 oz.

Large  Dogs under 55 lbs (single piece) 3.5 oz.

X-large  Dogs under 70 lbs (single piece) 5.8 oz.


Never leave your pet unattended with chews, bones, toys, or treats.