TJ Trading's ground cover mat is perfect for outdoor kennels and ex-pens, providing a clean barrier between your dog and the ground, while allowing liquids to pass through (you know the ones we mean). Constructed of tightly woven 100% virgin polypropylene to form a durable mat, it provides a smooth surface for your dog's comfort and for easy removal of solid waste. It also reduces the amount of debris tracked into the house. Mildew is no problem because the weave allows liquids, dew, and rainwater to drain through.

Fast clean-up with hose, broom, or brush, and lightweight so it  can be folded into a very compact size for easy storage and travel. Could also be used in the car as a cargo area protector.


Users give it higher marks for ease-of-use, and it is recommended highly for travel and camping--even for under tents or as a 'door' mat. These mats last for years, even with regular use. The only consideration we can think of is using these with agressive chewers--might not be the best choice for those bad boys.


Colors and patterns may vary. We're trying to work with our supplier to tighten this down, but for now the choice will be theirs.


We offer three sizes:  7 ft. x 4 ft.,  8 ft. x 6 ft.,  9 ft. x 9 ft.