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From Top Dog's own brand, Mango & Oliver, we offer this hand-knotted bone, made from three-strand white cotton nautical rope, in a one-inch width. We hand-tie these rope bones ourselves, using two Matthew Walker knots for added strength. If you're looking for a traditional dog toy used for many years before there were petstores and the web, you've found it.


The tough fibers help prevent tooth decay and gum disease--and your dog will be having so much fun, he won't even know he's flossing his teeth. Great for tugging and tossing, and suitable for most dogs, except maybe the littlest guys. Even smallish dogs with a Napoleon complex will appreciate a good chew on this bone--our little 'Napoleon' Oliver certainly does! No dyes, machine washable.


Length, which will vary slightly, is 11-13 inches.


SKU: MORope1
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