The KONG® classic dog toy is the gold standard of dog chew toys and has become a staple for dogs around the world for over forty years. Made from a natural-rubber compound that is super-bouncy and chewer-friendly, Kong toys are puncture-resistant and long-lasting. This mentally stimulating toy offers enrichment while helping satisfy your dog's instinctive need to chew, and its erratic bounce will appeal to your dog’s playful side. Kong toys also clean teeth and condition the gums.


They can be stuffed with your dog's favorite treats, dog biscuits, peanut butter or cheese, for hours of exercise and chewing fun. While your dog is working the treats out of his Kong, you're teaching him that chewing on a Kong is better than chewing on the furniture (at least for you). Proudly made in the US, and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and satisfied customers worldwide!


We offer five sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large


  •      Small:  3"  up to 20 pounds
  •  Medium:  3-1/2"  15 to 35 pounds
  •     Large:   4"  30 to 65 pounds
  •  X-Large:   5"  60 to 90 pounds
  • XX-Large:  6"  over 85 pounds


New to Kong toys? Welcome to Kong Nation, and check out these great videos!


Kong 101 video


Video about showing your dog how to use a Kong toy


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Always supervise your dog's use of toys.


Six Sizes

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