Watch Princess give her Stuff-a-Ball a workout, above.


Kong® Stuff-A-Ball is a flexible, interactive natural rubber dental toy that reduces boredom, destructive behavior and separation anxiety. Cleans teeth, conditions gums and reduces bad breath. The hollow center and outside grooves hold and dispense kibble, peanut butter, treats or any other delicacy you'd like to experiment with! Use Stuff-a-Ball as an alternative to a dog bowl and help extend meal time and exercise your dog. May help reduce stomach upset for dogs who eat too quickly.


We offer three sizes:


    Small -- 2.5" Diameter   up to 20 lbs.

Medium -- - 3"  Diameter  15-35 lbs.

    Large -- 3.5" Diameter   30-65 lbs.


Watch an expert show you how to use Kong stuffable toys, with recipe guidelines!


Always supervise your dog's use of toys.



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