Welcome to Kuranda Country. Kuranda makes the best dog bed you'll ever buy, giving your dog the orthopedic support and comfort that no soft bedding can match, plus the strength of a patented indestructible, chew-proof design. Kuranda's sleek and simple dog bed looks beautiful in any home, and the neutral aluminum frame will blend perfectly with your choice of fabric color. This crate bed includes shorter 3” legs for use in a crate and a second, standard height set of legs for use outside the crate.Guaranteed chew-proof for one full year! (Excluding vinyl weave.) Kuranda has been proven in kennels, shelters and homes since 1995.


  • Patented design conceals fabric edges to protect from chewing
  • Frame is strong, yet lightweight, for easy moving and cleaning
  • Fabrics are UV-resistant and stand up to fading and repeated cleaning
  • Cleaning is easy---just hose it off, spray and wipe clean, or wash with warm, soapy water, depending on the mess!
  • All stainless-steel fasteners prevent rust


This aluminum frame is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use--have a look at the walnut PVC frame for elegant indoor use, and the almond PVC frame bed for indoor/outdoor use. Kuranda beds require a few minutes of assembly--watch this short video to see how easy it is!


Yep, folks, it's indestructible. Watch two boxer puppies try to shake down a Kuranda bed--the bed wins.


Select your bed by matching the inside dimensions of your crate to the nearest bed size. Beyond that consideration, the bed should be large enough for your dog to lay comfortably within the frame-- your dog shouldn't be forced to hang his legs over the side. (If he chooses to lay that way it's fine, of course!) And it's nice for a dog to have room to circle and nest--you know, that thing many dogs do before laying down!


Available Sizes  (All beds are 7" tall)

        Mini  25 X 18"   Chihuahuas and toy breeds

      Small  30 x 20"   Terriers/small spaniels

  Medium  35 x 23"   Larger spaniels/small herding dogs

     Large  40 x 25"    Larger herding dogs/small retrievers--up to 100 lbs.

  X-Large  44 x 27"   Larger retrievers, greyhounds, etc.--up to 150  lbs.

XX-Large  50 x 36"   For your train-sized dog   ; )  Tested to 250 lbs.



Fabric color options vary with the type of fabric you choose, so decide on your fabric choice first, using the info below. Once you decide fabric, see color options in the images to choose your color.


Textured Cordura Nylon

Better for indoor or covered outdoor use in warm weather (will not shed water well). Abrasion resistant high-denier nylon. This canvas is ideal for older dogs, as it provides plenty of traction getting on and off the bed. It’s also the best fabric choice for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.


Ballistic Nylon

Better for indoor or covered outdoor use in warm weather (will not shed water well). Abrasion-resistant high-denier nylon with a smooth finish that won’t catch hair, making it easier to clean.


Solid Heavy Duty 40oz Vinyl

(No monogramming available for this fabric--it's too thick.)

Better for indoor or covered outdoor use in warm weather (will not shed water). Kuranda's most durable option, ideal for determined diggers and larger, heavier dogs. Smooth surface, just spray and wipe clean. This is a heavy-duty version of the upholstery vinyl that we're all familiar with.


Vinyl Weave (not included in warranty)

Best choice for outdoor use, the open waterproof weave allows air and water to flow through, helping dogs stay cool and dry. Its open weave style keeps this fabric from being covered under Kuranda's warranty, as a very determined dog may be able to work his teeth into the weave and do some damage. Replacement fabric is available, if need be, and is easily installed. Just email us and we'll put you in touch with the right people.