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Protect your furbaby from larger dogs and predators with Leather Brothers' Protector collar. Most predators will go directly for the neck when attacking, and this sturdy protective collar will help prevent that. The Protector is made with heavy 2-ply latigo leather and nickel hardware, and is finished with premium nylon thread stitiching. Two rows of densely-spaced 1/2" tall solid steel nickel-plated spikes are permanently set into the leather with brass rivets. It sports dee-in-front styling, which is especially good for tie-out. Middle-of-the-road 1 1/2-in width makes this collar appropriate for a wide range of breeds. Made in the US.


We offer two colors: Black and Burgundy.


Available in five sizes:

  • 21 inch
  • 23-inch
  • 25-inch
  • 27-inch
  • 29-inch


Before deciding the size, please take a moment to measure your dog's neck and then use the guidelines below to help you decide which size to buy. This will help prevent exchanges, which wreck everyone's day!  : )


To determine the correct size for a Leather Brothers collar, measure your dog's exact neck size and add 4" for the correct collar size. For dogs with 8", 10", and 12" necks, just add 2".


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