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Made in Europe using Italian design, with unbeatable quality and attention to detail, you're going to love this wearable, hands-free, retractable lead! Go jogging with your dog, open doors, carry bags--simple tasks remain simple with the Lishinu dog lead--the world's first hands-free retractable lead.


The 10-ft. long Lishinu retractable lead straps onto your wrist, keeping both hands free at all times. Integrated loop handle allows you to gain control of your dog quickly. Remove the strap from your arm and it can be wrapped around a railing or other narrow object to tie your dog out next to you while you relax or have a meal.


The auto-locking mechanism removes the need for a button, letting you keep full control of your dog with simple movements of your hand and body. The quick-release arm strap can be opened in an instant if your dog bolts, giving you some insurance against injury to your shoulder or worse. The lead's belt incorporates skydiving cord, offering maximum strength for dogs weighing up to 65 lbs. They've thought of everything, folks!


We offer black and white.




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