Loving Pets' Natural Value Duck and Chicken Tenders are 100% farmed and made in the US. They are cooked on an open grilling rack to reduce fat and give them that delicious grilled flavor that dogs love! These chewy treats are appropriate for dogs of all sizes and ages. They contain no soy, gluten, wheat or grains of any kind. Ingredients are simple, for the better health of your dog.


We offer 1 lb. packages.


Duck tenders ingredients: Duck, Turkey Vegetable Glycerin (to keep soft and chewy), and natural preservatives.


Chicken tenders ingredients: Chicken, Potato Vegetable Glycerin (to keep soft and chewy), natural smoke flavor and natural preservatives.


Always supervise your pet while they enjoy chews, bones, toys, or treats. We recommend choosing bones that are slightly larger than your pet's mouth, to avoid choking hazards.