The Pet Walker Plus multi-dog leash makes walking two dogs easy. Its patented anti-twist, anti-tangle swivel hub where the leads come together means that the separate leads NEVER tangle no matter how many times your dogs walk over and under each other (pretty much constantly, when Mango and Oliver are on the move). One dog can walk in front and one can walk behind, with 6 ft. of sniffing and bathroom space between them. You can correct each dog separately. If a dog walks around behind you, a single leash can be detached and re-attached as needed. Both leashes detach from the handle so that you can also use this leash to walk one dog. Two different-sized dogs can also be walked together. The Pet Walker Plus eliminates many of the problems associated with walking more than one dog. A padded handle would improve the leash at bit, we think, but otherwise it's great a great product. Made in the US of strong nylon webbing and sturdy nickel hardware. Overall length is 6 feet.


Note: If you have two different-sized dogs, select the size appropriate for the larger dog.


We offer four colors: Blue, Black, Purple, and Pink


Watch Homer and Willie give the Pet Walker Plus a work-out!


Available Sizes
    Small   1/2-inch wide  for dogs up to 20 lbs.
Medium   3/4-inch wide for dogs up to 40 lbs.
    Large     1-inch  wide for dogs up to 60 lbs.



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