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This premium flat leather collar features 3/16"-thick oil-tanned leather in a rich chestnut shade. Nickel-plated, die-cast polished buckle and D-ring, five-hole style, and buckle enclosure. Nice hand-beveled and rubbed edges give the collar an expensive look, and oil tanning makes it more waterproof than the everyday version. This is a great collar for the price and comes in a wide range of sizes and widths, to fit most dogs.


Be sure to have a look at the matching lead, pictured. A handsome combo!


NOTE: the leather on this collar is stiffer than the leather of the everyday collar we sell, making it more durable, but it will be difficult to work the strap through the buckle the first few times. You might want to work the strap in and out of the buckle and fold and bend the hole-end of the strap back and forth a few times before you put the collar on your dog for the first time. Once broken in, this collar will last a long time, even with daily use.


Full range of Sizes Available

   1/2" Wide  x  9" Length    for necks    5 - 8"

   1/2" Wide x 11" Length   for necks   7 -10"

   1/2" Wide x 13" Length   for necks   9 -12"

   5/8" Wide  x  9" Length   for necks    5 - 8"

   5/8" Wide x 11" Length   for necks   7- 10"

   3/4" Wide x 13" Length   for necks   9 -12"

   3/4" Wide x 15" Length   for necks  11-14"

      1" Wide x 17" Length   for necks  13-16"

      1" Wide x 19" Length   for necks  15-18"

      1" Wide x 21" Length   for necks  17-20"

      1" Wide x 23" Length   for necks  19-22"

      1" Wide x 25" Length   for necks   21-24"

1/1/4" Wide x 27" Length   for necks  23-26"



Before deciding the size, please take a moment to measure your dog's neck, using a cloth measuring tape or string, twine, etc. Measure, wrapping the tape or string about as tightly as the collar should sit on your dog's neck--not too tight. If using string, then hold the final length up to a ruler or yardstick to determine its length. If in doubt, go to the next larger size--you can always adjust a collar that is slightly too big, not so much with a collar that's too small. This will help prevent an exchange, which just wrecks everyone's day!  : )


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