Take a look at the Nylabone 101 video above, and if you have an extra minute, watch Paige the wonderdog save Dexter's bacon with Nylabone! Very cute.


The Nylabone® Rhino Stuffable Dog Chew Toy is Nylabon'es answer to the famous Kong toy. So if you prefer Nylabone products, you might give this a try. The Rhino lets dogs chew, play, and enjoy treats all at the same time! Built to keep dogs busy, this stuffable dog chew toy has bacon flavor throughout and can be filled with all kinds of dog-friendly edible treats like peanut butter, banana, pumpkin, kibble, and yogurt. Whip up your dog's favorite recipe, spoon it into the opening, and freeze it for an even longer-lasting dog treat!


Its strong rubber surface features raised dental nubs to help clean your dog's teeth as he chews. A great chew toy for aggressive chewers who prefer some flex and give, this cone-shaped chew toy bounces and rolls in all different directions for added excitement. Helps alleviate boredom,  destructive chewing, stress, and anxiety. Take your dog's chewing sessions to the next level with this multi-purpose rubber dog chew and treat toy!  Made in the U.S. 


Three sizes

Regular:  for dogs up to 25 lbs.

       Wolf: for dogs up to 35 lbs.

      Giant: for dogs up to 50 lbs.


Always supervise your dog's use of toys.