You'll be puttin' on the Ritz for your little dog at dinnertime with this hoity-toity ceramic dog dish with metallic goldish-copper rim. Bone design at the bottom of the bowl and paw prints around the outside. Super cute! Many vets recommend stoneware or ceramic bowls for pets, because plastic bowls can scratch easily, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. This bowl is pretty tough and will not scratch or chip easily. Nice heavy stoneware that is dishwasher safe.


We love the two colors it comes in: Blood Red and Black. The red bowl is finished with a glossy glaze all over, and the black bowl's black portion is matte glaze with shiny mettalic rim and decoration--looks pretty manly for your boy, or for your girl with attitude!


This smaller size, at 5" wide, is perfect for little dogs and puppies, up to about 20 lbs.