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Boca Pet's famous Rosie the Rat has a flat, fuzzy rabbit fur body and soft suede leather head and tail. She's about 6" long, although the size may vary a bit, since each Rosie is handmade using scraps from the rabbit meat industry.


She gets high marks from cat owners, who say that Rosie is, hands down, their cat's favorite toy, even cats who are reluctant to play. For most cats, Rosie will last a long, long time, even years. Some cats prefer to destroy toys made with real fur, so we can't guarantee she'll last for them. Those brutes are known to reduce a Rosie down to a leather head (see image), and some like to carry that around and plop it into their water dish!  In any case, you'll get a lot of bang for your buck. Handmade in the US since 1964, with millions sold.  Colors may vary, but they're all cute!


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