This is the classic rubber utility bowl used for everything from horse grain and water buckets to rabbit water bowls. You may have a big ole dog that needs a big ole water bowl out in the yard. Or maybe you have a litter of puppies that need a nice big food dish to pile into for a nap, (preferably with the food still in it).


Fortex builds these bowls with 100% molded rubber composite to make them tough, and resistant to cracking, crushing, and cold weather. They immediately bounce back into shape when crushed. Anti-tip profile. Comes in black only.


We offer five sizes: 1-Quart   2-Quart (1/2 Gallon)   4-Quart (1 Gallon)  8-Quart (2 Gallon)  12-Quart (3 Gallon)



  1-quart -   6¼" Wide  x  3" High
  2-quart -       8" Wide  x  4" High
  4-quart - 10½" Wide x 4¼" High

  8-quart - 14½"  Wide x 4½" High

12-quart -     16"  Wide x 4½" High



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