These are great basic, shallow feeding dishes for puppies. They are shallow, making it easy for a bunch of puppies to eat or drink at the same time. They feature a wide base with a narrow lip, making it harder for puppies to accidentally tip over. Food-safe and hygienic stainless steel construction resists rust, and is dishwasher safe. These dishes are fairly light duty, but are offered at a great price! The 5 1/4" size has an embossed bottom, as shown, the other sizes have a flat bottom.


We offer four sizes

1/2 Quart (5 1/4" Diameter x 1½" Deep)

  1 Quart  (8" Diameter x 1½"Deep)

  2 Quart  (10" Diameter x 2" Deep)

  3 Quart  (14" Diameter x 2" Deep)