The Simple Solution brand has been around for a long time, and we like their products for their effectiveness, quality, and reasonable price. Their washable male dog wrap provides super-absorbent, long-lasting protection and was designed especially for male dogs. Made from lightweight microfiber fabric and adjustable velcro strips to provide a comfortable and secure fit. The moisture-wicking liner and super-absorbent microfiber pad protect skin and coat, and the plastic liner provides leak protection. Perfect for male dogs with urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and male marking issues.


For added protection, you can add a sanitary pad or, even better, use Simple Solution Disposable Diaper Liners.


We offer three sizes

   Small   Waist   8 - 19"   Dogs up to 15 lbs.

Medium  Waist 13 - 21"   Dogs 10  -  45 lbs.

   Large  Waist  18 - 35"   Dogs 45  -  90 lbs.