The Water Rover™ portable pet water bowl gets high marks across many reviews, and is easy to take along wherever you and your dogs go—walks, hikes, road trips, vacations, and camping. With its durable, lightweight water bowl and attached wide mouth bottle, the Water Rover is hands-free (clips to belt or waist band), leak-free, and easy to fill with water and ice, so you can offer cool water to your dog for several hours. And any water that your dog doesn't drink tips right back into the bottle—easy pour-n-store! When your dog is thirsty, just unplug the bottle, lay the Water Rover™ flat on the ground, and the water will automatically flow into the bowl. When finished, tip the extra water back into the bottle, replace the plug, and clip the Water Rover back onto your belt or waistband. Made in the US.


The verdict: a little pricey for plastic but well worth it.


We offer several color and size options

        Smaller   3" bowl,   8 oz. bottle in Blue and Pink

       Regular   4" bowl, 15 oz. bottle in Red or Purple

Even Bigger   5" bowl, 26 oz. bottle in Pink or Purple


Watch this short video to see how Water Rover works. Pretty groovy.



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