What every fashionable working dog will be wearing this season. Great looking, extremely durable leather collar in a rich chestnut shade, with a center “safety” ring that will swivel and twist a little, to help your dog free himself if he gets hung up on brush. It can also be used to attach a lead. Solid brass roller buckle, center ring and D-ring will not corrode or turn silver. Made from the finest English bridle leather available, to provide beauty, durability and comfort. Hand-rubbed edges and old-world craftsmanship all work together to create a truly exceptional classic collar. Mendota offers dog owners, trainers, and handlers the finest accessories available at a reasonable price. Handcrafted in the US using only the finest materials, ensures premium performance.


  • One inch Wide
  • Six Sizes


Mendota measures the length of their collars from the center of the buckle to the center hole of the five holes. This is why the neck size may be larger than the published length of the collar, as below. See the graphic below for a visual.


Available Sizes:

14-inch - Neck Size 12-16 Inches

16-inch - Neck Size 14-18 Inches

18-inch - Neck Size 16-20 Inches

20-inch - Neck Size 18-22 Inches

22-inch - Neck Size 20-24 Inches

24-inch - Neck Size 22-26 Inches


Before deciding the size, please take a moment to measure your dog's neck and then use the resources below to help you decide which size to buy. This will help prevent exchanges, which wreck everyone's day!  : )


Here is a graphic that shows you how to choose one of Mendota's five-hole collars, based on Mendota's styling practices. It also provides info on how to measure for vests, field jackets and skid plates.


If you want more detailed info or are ordering a braided or slip collar watch Mendota's video that shows how to properly measure the length around your dog's neck, and then match that number up to a Mendota collar, whether braided, leather, or slip collar. This video also gives a good overview of the various styles and products that Mendota makes, and how to use them.




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