What breeds are lurking in my dog's genetic past? Why does he look the way he does? Now dog owners can answer these questions with the Wisdom Panel 3.0 canine DNA test. Owners of mixed-breed dogs can learn their pet's breed history, tracing three generations back on the dog's family tree to reveal answers explaining certain behaviors, personality traits and health conditions.

Simply collect samples from inside your dog's cheek, and mail the results in, using the postage-paid envelope. Results will be e-mailed within 2-3 weeks. The Wisdom Panel breed Library contains data for185+ breeds that will be analyzed when testing, and the panel covers 159 of the 161 AKC registered breeds, plus eleven additional breeds. The Wisdom DNA Panel not only detects the breeds in your dog’s ancestry, it will also model an ancestry chart showing where each breed was likely involved, so that you can see where each breed falls on the family tree.


  • Breed ancestry tree going back three generations
  • HTML reporting format that allows easy access and interaction from smartphones and tablets
  • Direct testing for the mutant MDR1 gene (multi-drug sensitivity) to assist in the prevention of serious drug reactions
  • Seven times the genetic markers for improved accuracy
  • Adult weight range prediction to guide nutrition and diet choices
  • Access to the Mars Veterinary customer care team for report questions and trait analysis
  • Ancestry certificate for framing