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100 Funky, Hip, Vintage Male Names for Dogs and Cats


Here is a fun compilation of some great vintage names for dogs and cats that we have found around the web. Not that you haven't heard these before, but when you're thinking of names, many of these might not come to mind. In our family, we have used Milo, Levi, and Oliver, and loved those names. If you are inspired to use one of them for your new dog or cat, let us know!


Ambrose   Amos   Angus   Ashton   Atticus   August

Bailey   Barnaby (Barnabas)   Bartholomew (Bart)   Baxter   Beau (Beauford, Bo)  Benedict   Booker   Bryce   Bubba   Buster   Byron

Caleb   Calvin   Casper   Cecil   Chance   Chaucer   Chester  Clarence   Cleo   Clive   Clyde   Cooper  Cilas 

Dabney   Dagwood   Dexter   Dudley

Eli  Elias   Elmer   Elmo   Emmett   Eustace  Esca (Celtic for 'River')

Felix   Fletcher   Franklin   Finn (Finley)

Gideon   Giles   Gilroy   Godfrey   Gus

Hank   Hannibal   Harrison   Henry   Herman   Herschel   Hobart  Hobbs   Homer  Huck  Huey   Hugo   Humphrey

Ichabod   Ivan

Jack (Jax, Jackson)   Jasper   Jesse   Jerome   Jonas   Josiah   Jude   Julius (Julian)

Keziah   Kipling (Kip)

Leland   Lenny   Levi  Lincoln   Linus   Lionel   Louis

Max (Maximus, Maximillion)   Miles   Milo   Monty   Morris   Murphy   Murray   Myron

Nicholas (Nicky)   Nigel

Oliver (Ollie)   Oscar   Otto   Otis

Paz   (Pax)   Pecos   Percival (Percy)   Phineas

Quincy   Quigley

Reggie (Reginald)   Rex   Riley   Roman   Roscoe   Rudy   Rufus   Rupert

Sebastian   Shamus (Seamus)   Silas   Simon   Spencer

Tanner  Tatum  Teddy  (Theodore)  Tennyson   Thaddeus  Tobias  Trapper  Tristan   Tucker

Virgil   Vinny

Wallace   Willoughby   Willie   Wilmer   Winston


Zack   Zeke




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