100 Best Vintage Female Names for Cats and Dogs


Here are some terrific throw-back names for your new girl! We have used the name Piper from this list. My own top five picks are: Esme, Ivy, Electra, Dagney, and Pippa--saving those for the next female pet.


Abigail (Abbie) Adeline (Addie) Agatha or Agnes (Aggie) Anastasia Annabel Artemis Aubrey

Beatrice (Beatrix) Beaulah Bertha

Candace (Candy) Celine Chloe Clara (Claire) Clementine Cleo Cordelia

Dagney Daisy Daphne Darcy Delilah Delphine Dixie Dove

Edwina Electra Eliza Ella Esme Etta Evie

Felicity Florence (Flo)

Geneva Greta Gretel

Hattie Hazel Hermione Hilda

Iris Isadora (Izzie) Ivory Ivy

Jewel (Ju-Ju)


Lacey Latitia Lavinia Layla Lila Lily Liza Lizzy Lucinda (Lucy) Lula (Lulu) Lydia

Maggie Maisie Matilda (Mattie) Maude Mavis Millicent (Millie) Mina Minnie Molly

Naomi Nell (Nellie)

Octavia Odette Opal Ophelia

Paige Pearl Penelope (Penny) Petra Petula Phoebe Piper Pippa Polly Poppy

Rose or Rosemary (Rosie) Roxie Ruby Ruth (Ruthie)

Sadie Savannah Scarlett Sophia (Sophie) Stella Sydney Sylvie

Tabitha Tess Thalia Thea Thelma Tilly Trudy


Violet Vivian

Whitney Winifred or Winona (Winnie) Wren


Zana Zelda Zoe

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