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Check out the Fuzzu company's philosophy, artistry, and history and catch a glimpse of Fuzzu toys in action, in the video above!


We love the creativity and philosophy behind Fuzzu toys! They are a wonderful gift for your four-legged friend, no matter which you choose.  A lot of thought goes into the design and exceptional artwork put into each piece.


Fuzzu squeaky dog toys are fun and durable and will keep your dog entertained during playtime. Crafted with triple-stitched seams,  double-strength printed canvas, a robust squeaker, non-toxic fill,  and grabbable floppy parts to catch yoru dog's eye. Even safe for small dogs! Fuzzu is a well-known brand that makes a wide range of pet toys. AND all their toys come with a manufacturer's warranty. Let the games begin!


Toys from the 'Sneaky Cat' collection

Scuff (cat in the main image)  Medium: 7"L

              Socks  (the skinny cat) Medium: 14"L,  Large:  24"L

              NIB (the chubby cat)    Medium: 7"L ,  Large: 13"L 





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