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Watch Mendota's video above for more detailed info on measuring for a collar. This video also gives a good overview of the various styles and products that Mendota makes, and how to use them.


You'll have a hard time losing your dog in the field! Mendota's Biothane center-ring collar provides high visibility in low-light conditions when in the field. It also remains pliable in cold weather, and cleans up quickly without holding dirt or scent from the outdoors. It's highly resistant to chewing, fading, and moisture, as well.


Mendota offers dog owners, trainers, and handlers the finest accessories available at a reasonable price. Handcrafted in the U.S. using only the finest materials, ensuring premium performance.


WHAT IS THE SAFETY RING FOR? The mechanics of a center-ring collar allow it to be much more flexible than a standard buckle collar. The two strap ends can move 90-degrees from each other. If you attach a lead to the ring (which is an added convenient feature of the ring), you'll find that it assumes this shape as soon as the dog puts any pressure on the lead. This offers a convenient pivot point that allows the collar to flip over and basically roll off your dog's head. The greater flexibility and ability to roll means this collar is much easier for your dog to back out of if they get stuck on brush while in the field. For that reason, a safety collar is usually fitted loosely enough to barely slip over the dog's head.


We offer four colors

Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink, and Green


Each size will fit a neck size that is 2" up or down from the stated size. Example: an 18" collar is adjustable from 16" to 20" neck size.


Sizes Available

1″ wide x 16", 18", 20", 22", or 24" length


16-inch - Neck Size 14-18 Inches

18-inch - Neck Size 16-20 Inches

20-inch - Neck Size 18-22 Inches

22-inch - Neck Size 20-24 Inches

24-inch - Neck Size 22-26 Inches


Before making a final decision on size, please take a moment to measure your dog's neck and then use the resources below to help you decide which size to buy. This will help prevent exchanges, which just wreck everyone's day!  : )


Here is a graphic that shows you how to choose one of Mendota's five-hole collars, based on Mendota's styling practices. It also provides info on how to measure for vests, field jackets and skid plates.



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