Have a look at the EasyGlide in action in the video above.


The perfect fetch toy for your dog! EasyGlide's patented design means it flies straight and level, and its steady, hovering movement makes it easy to track and catch. Don't be fooled by the word 'foam'. EasyGlide's highly durable soft foam is molded in a one-piece design that is strong enough to hold up in your dog's mouth while being soft on teeth and gums. Great for older dogs with sensitive mouths who still like a good game of fetch.


It floats in water, and can even be used as a water bowl in a pinch! It is slightly heavier than some discs, so if you have a small area to play in, or if your dog isn't quite up to a 100-yard fetch, the Easy Glider is for you! It will provide lots of disc-catching fun at the lake, beach or pool.


Comes in assorted colors--blue, purple, or yellow, and the color will be chosen by our supplier. (But they're all pretty!)


We offer two sizes

9" and 11"  diameter


Always supervise your dog's use of toys.