These are too cute! Faux-fleece toys with squeakers, in fun shapes. Your furbaby will love to snuggle and nibble these little guys. They are light-duty chew and snuggle toys that will be best for small dogs, but apparently some bigger dogs love them too--they don't shred them in five minutes, instead they just carry them around and cuddle with them. Hoodathunkit? Nice price means you can stock up and let 'em rip them up, if that's what they prefer. Or if they fall in love and keep them around, so much the better!


You can choose from: Squeaker Man, Fuzzy Bone, or Fluffy Star, and we offer them in white or colored faux fleece. If ordering the colored styles, colors will vary and will be the choice of our supplier.

Sizes are approximately 7"-9".

Made in China.