Check out the video above to see Wubba Friends in action!


Kong® Wubba Ballistic Friends are tough interactive squeak and shake toys that your dogs will love to use and abuse. These versatile toys are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and their floppy tails make them easy to pick up and throw. Also great for water play! The interior squeaker ball is covered with durable, reinforced ballistic nylon for added toughness (and cuteness). Ballistic nylon was originally developed by Dupont for use in bullet-proof vests and flak jackets, so you know it's tough.


**NOTE  These toys are meant to be used interactively with your dog, and are not meant for chew sessions. When not playing tug and fetch, put the toy away, and it will last and last. If you allow your dog to chew the toy for extended periods of time, heads will roll. Literally.


Assorted characters that our supplier chooses--you might get Blue Monkey, Pink Hippo, Orange Puma, or Green Bunny. Who knows what cute animal will end up on your doorstep? We don't even know, because these little guys are drop-shipped from our supplier. Let's hope they're in the mood to send you the animal you're secretly hoping for!


We offer three sizes

    Small  10-1/2" long

    Large  15-1/2" long

 X-Large  20" long


Always supervise your dog's use of toys.