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Made with two loops, Mirage Pet's martingale collar provides gentle control when walking your dog. As your dog pulls, the collar will tighten without choking him. When your dog stops pulling against the collar and the tension is reduced, the martingale will loosen. The limited closure of the Martingale collar prevents it from becoming too tight or remaining tight once the tension is released, as with some choke collars.  Perfect for training, a  no-slip, adjustable-choke collar is also an excellent solution for escape-prone dogs who slip out of their collars.


NOTE: Not intended for tie-out.


We offer 14 beautiful rainbow colors, and all collars are made in the U.S., with military grade nylon webbing and heavy-duty fittings. Sure to impress you and your dog!


Mirage is a family-owned U.S. company that manufactures nearly all of its products right here in the States, with a legacy in the industry that spans six generations.


Colors Available

Red, Blue, Hunter Green, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Rose, Ocean Blue, Teal, Hot Lime Green, Hot Pink, Orange, Cocoa Brown, Black


We offer four sizes






Before deciding the size, please take a moment to measure your dog's neck, using a cloth measuring tape or string, twine, etc. Measure, wrapping the tape or string about as tightly as the collar should sit on your dog's neck--not too tight. If using string, then hold the final length up to a ruler or yardstick to determine its length. If in doubt, go to the next larger size--you can always adjust a collar that is slightly too big, not so much with a collar that's too small. This will help prevent an exchange, which just wrecks everyone's day!  : )


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