Behold! the lowly tennis ball--the little black dress for any self-respecting dog. These Air Kong® Squeaker tennis balls are made of non-abrasive tennis ball material so they won't harm teeth when chewing and there's no gas inside the balls - only a squeaker! For reference, the medium size is about the size of a standard tennis ball.

We offer four sizes

    Small   2" diameter, for small dogs, 3-pak

Medium   2-3/4" diameter,  for medium dogs, 3-pak or 6-pak

    Large  3" for larger dogs, 2-pak

X-Large   4" for jumbo dogs, 1-pak


Do you want a jumbo size ball without a squeaker? Try the Giant Tuff Ball!


Do you have a teeny dog or puppy? Try the x-small Kong ball.


*Be sure to order a size that is too large for your dog to get all the way inside his mouth, to prevent possible airway obstruction. Too big is better than too small!